The Board

Hazel Wotherspoon

Hazel Wotherspoon is the mother of 4 children, 3 of whom have special needs. She became a stay at home mum in 2001 after working as a paediatric physiotherapist for nearly 30 years. Hazel lives in Falkirk, Central Scotland and is keen to raise awareness of SMS. 

Nick Hunt

Nick Hunt is an IT consultant and father of a boy and girl. Samuel his eldest child has SMS. Nick is highly motivated and looking forward to helping the foundation raise awareness and providing access to information and resources.

Leeann Stevenson

Leeann is the mother to two children, Lily who is 6 (SMS) and William who is 18 months old. She has a degree in furniture and product design and spent 10 years working in marketing and e-business for an Investment Bank. Leeann is currently a full time mum and lives with her husband (Will), Lily and William in Wiltshire. She is very keen to support all families connected by Smith-Magenis syndrome and raise awareness.

Nigel Over

Nigel is an engineer by profession with broad experience in organisation development, compliance management and project management. He currently works part-time whilst caring for his family - Angela (wife), Matthew (15) with SMS, and Susan (9). Nigel has over 25 years of volunteering and commitment within the charity sector including being a former Trustee of the British Science Association and a current Trustee for ENABLE Scotland. His dedication was recognised with the presenting of the Sir Walter Bodmer National Volunteer of the Year Award in 2008. He has been passively involved with the Smith-Magenis Syndrome Foundation for the last decade, giving support where possible to other Scottish SMS families. Additional charity work includes REMAP which provides bespoke solutions to enable people with disabilities to enjoy life to the full, The Signalong Group where he initiated "The Signalong Companion to the Oxford Reading Tree", as well as serving on West Lothian Council's Placement Appeals Committee. With ENABLE Scotland, Nigel has actively campaigned on issues affecting people with Learning Disabilities, particularly focusing on children and education.

Emma Riddell

Emma is a mother of three children, Harry who is aged 11, Grace (SMS) who is almost 6 and Charlie who is 3 years old, Emma is currently a full time Mum and Lives with her husband Mark in Birmingham. She is passionate about raising awareness and fundraising for the foundation.


Leila Gunning

Leila is a mother of two girls. Emily 6 and Jessica 4 with SMS. She lives in Wiltshire with her girls and Husband Greig.

Until recently she worked as a Registered Nurse in an acute surgical ward, but now works part time as a support worker for adults with Learning Difficulties.

Leila is a registered Makaton tutor and is a member of the Management and Fundraising Commitee for a local home tutoring service for children with Special Educational Needs and also volunteers at her local Special Educational Needs School.

Leila is keen to raise the awareness of Smith Magenis Syndrome and would like to work closely with families, providing support and putting them in contact with others.

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