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The latest information from SMS Foundation Uk is stored here and continually updated as we produce additional information.

Living with SMS

Managing children and adults with SMS

This information was collated with SMS by experts in Smith-Magenis Syndrome or medical professionals working with an individual with SMS. It identifys the monitoring required in each medical area and the reasoning for the requirement.

Social Behaviour in SMS

The information is an introduction to the Social Study research project that has been conducted by a team from the University of Birmingham (The Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental disorders) – The results of the research will hopefully be available at the end of 2011.

Technical Papers

 Practical Genetics by Sarah Elsea

A scientific article, providing in depth and detailed information about the genetics of SMS. Looking sat the RAI1 gene and the implications of it.

SMS by Orlee Udwin

A summary of a medical paper focussed on SMS – written by our Chair of professionals.


Williams / SMS by Orlee Udwin

An article discussing and comparing the rare genetic syndromes – Williams and Smith-Magenis.

Additional information