A huge congratulations to our very own trustees Nigel Over and Hazel Wotherspoon, part of a committee of 8 people, and winners of the award Cracking Campaign of the Year, this week at the Scottish Charity Awards run by the SVCO (http://www.scvo.org.uk).

The ‘#IncludED in the Main’ campaign was set up by the charity Enable Scotland (http://www.enable.org.uk). The focus of the the campaign was to motivate the Scottish government to publish guidance on inclusive education and to create systematic change in Scottish education for pupils with additional needs.

Committee members of the #IncludED campaign held national conversations about the experiences of young people with learning disabilities, their parents, carers and teachers in schools. They received over 800 responses from people across Scotland. Additionally, both Nigel and Hazel were able to draw on their own experiences of having children in education with Smith-Magenis syndrome, also helping to shape guidance and recommendations.

Further information about Enable Scotland and the #IncludEd in the Main campaign can be found on their (http://www.enable.org.uk/includedinthemain/Pages/22-steps-on-the-journey-to-inclusion.aspx).